Sunday Service Launch Date

February 28, 2009


Most of you probably know by now that we have an official date for the start of our Sunday services: August 30th, 2009! You may think this sounds like it’s an eternity away, but for those of you who have been tracking with us since the beginning, it probably looks like the end is almost here. Finally, the completion of a lot of hard work and effort, a lot of sacrifice, and the fulfillment of a dream. Although I guess it wouldn’t be totally incorrect to say that this “interim” or “preparation” period will be coming to an end, I think it is much more appropriate to say that this whole thing is really just beginning.

When we first began the discussion of a new church in the Fort Walton Beach area we made it very clear that there wasn’t a reason to just create another place for church people to attend on Sunday. That’s really the last thing our community needs. But, we did feel like there was  a definite void that needed to be filled. The Emerald Coast was in need of relevant environments where unchurched people would want to attend, because church isn’t just for church people. It’s for everybody.

We have now created several incredible environments: Life Lessons Over Lunch, Kidstuf, and Small Groups, and our Sunday environments are on their way. Because of your commitment to give sacrificially in the midst of a major recession, to serve strategically to create incredible environments, to invest in your unchurched friends and invite them to these environments, and to join launch groups to grow with other believers, we have been able to take our first significant steps. Now, we are about to take a major leap forward on this incredible journey that is limitless in its possibilities.

I have said a dozen times that in order to be successful with what we do as a church on Sundays we have to first understand what it means to be the church apart from Sundays. August 30th doesn’t mean we finally have a place to go to church. It means we have another irresistible environment where we can bring our friends. The next few months are incredibly valuable to Beachside Community Church and to you, a member of this body. We get to concentrate, maybe more than ever, on being the church in our families, with our friends, and at work or school. This isn’t an “interim” period at all. We’re right in the middle of the most important time of our lives. I’m amazed at the people God has brought together for this task and I’m honored to be on this journey with you.


2 Responses to “Sunday Service Launch Date”

  1. Jodi Barker on March 4th, 2009 2:10 pm

    In our launch group (the best launch group ever), thanks to Don Johnston, we regularly use the phrase “The best is yet to come!” We are SO excited about starting services in August!!!
    By the way, KidStuf was totally amazing Sunday night!

  2. Kelly Stanford on March 9th, 2009 1:38 pm

    I am so excited to see this come to fruition and I know it has taken huge faith, sacrifice and a God-sized vision. I was tempted to click and let y’all take me to coffee….HA! God is so very sovereign, faithful and amazing!

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