Each day, approximately 29,000 people drive past Beachside Community Church. And if the statistics are correct, over 15,000 of those people are unchurched. 

Think about this reality for a moment. We’ve been positioned on Racetrack Road for 15 years as a church. What began at the Boys & Girls Club and then followed at Choctaw High School created an opportunity for us to land in our current building – all on the same corner of Racetrack Road. 

Since the beginning, our focus has been to reach the lost while growing the faith of the found. We’ve done this by creating appealing environments and experiences that inspire wonder, foster community, and leave people wanting more. Our inside renovations are a perfect example of our approach. It’s now time for us to renovate the exterior of our building.

Pledge Progress

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Renderings of the Project

The Plan

Our No Better Block campaign begins with our desire to steward this property God gave to us. But we want to do more than make the exterior of our church beautiful and inviting. As part of this effort, we will: 

Renovate our Church Facade
Creating a more modern and inviting space helps us reach more people curious about church and faith. Additionally, this exterior renovation will create a true front entrance for our church. 

Create a Community Green Space  
Adding a green space will give our community a place to spend time with their family, friends, neighbors, and kids. The green space will include picnic areas, kid’s play areas, and spaces for outdoor concerts and events. 

Support Our Surrounding Community
Our block is a community space. Through No Better Block, we will practically invest in our neighbors at Choctaw High School, Pryor Middle School, and the Boys and Girls Club.

Pledge Form

We believe this project is an achievable goal that can be reached by the sacrificial generosity of our Beachside attenders.  Our giving initiative asks for a two-year, financial commitment above and beyond regular giving.

Thanks for your pledge to
No Better Block!

Your pledge, above your regular giving, will help us to create an inviting space to reach more people curious about church and faith. A space that is a modern, welcoming, and a true front entrance for our church. 

Our vision at Beachside is to create a church that unchurched people love to attend. Through your generous support, you play a significant part in making that a reality. Thank you.