Baptism at Transit is a unique opportunity for students to tell others about their faith in Jesus. Through baptisms, students get to share their stories of when they discovered a faith of their own and how Jesus has impacted their life.


Transit knows that you are the most important person in your student’s life, so it’s important that you are involved in their baptism! In order to partner with you, here are the steps to follow if your student has expressed interest in getting baptized.

  1. Talk through the following questions with your student to help determine if baptism is the next step for them.

    • When did you decide to follow Jesus?

    • What does it mean to put your faith in Jesus?

    • Why do you want to get baptized?

      1. Help them understand the following:

        • Baptism is not necessary for salvation. Salvation happens the moment you put your faith in Jesus as your Savior. Baptism symbolizes the new life you began when you started following Jesus. It symbolizes your old life dying (going under the water) and your new life starting (coming out of the water).

        • Baptism is a way to go public with your faith to show others that you have started a personal relationship with Jesus.

        • Jesus was baptized. Since then, millions of his followers have followed his example. Baptism is a way for you to do the same and participate in a common experience with Jesus followers around the world.

      2. If you believe your student’s next step is baptism, notify your student’s small group leaders.

      3. Help your student complete the baptism application.

        After completing the application, a Transit staff member will reach out to schedule a conversation with your student. If it is determined that your student is ready to continue the baptism process, the Transit staff will then help you set up a time for your student to film their baptism story video and schedule their baptism date.